What is eWater?

The technology works by passing a dilute salt solution through an electrolyser that segregates the ions formed, producing two oppositely charged solutions with altered physical and chemical properties.

Our ingredient list has nothing to hide

Tap Water - H2O

High Grade Salt - NaCl

Both solutions are produced by an onsite and on-demand system and can be used for a variety of applications. The activated solutions are both naturally bio-degradable and revert to NaCI and H2O after extended contact with organic material.

eWater Systems | Water Electrolysis System

eWater Cleaner

Produced from the negatively charged catholyte solution, the solution consists predominantly of sodium hydroxide, making it a form of pure liquid soap. This gives the cleaning solution detergent and degreasing properties making it great as a general purpose cleaning agent.

eWater Sanitiser

Produced from the positively charged anolyte solution, it consists of unstable mixed oxidants (mainly hypochlorous acid) in a physically excited state that is capable of penetrating biofilms and is highly microbicidal.

The Technology

eWater technology has been used commercially for hygiene and infection control for over 40 years. It has been widely used in healthcare, food and beverage and primary industries in Japan since the 1980’s with the Ministry of Health approving it as an infection control solution. Today the technology is used globally and is recognised by the likes of the FDA in the USA and the NHS in the UK. eWater Systems products are accredited by HACCP for food safe compliance.

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Can eWater compete
with conventional chemicals?

Yes! Not only is eWater far more sustainable and cheaper, but in almost all cases eWater is far more effective at quickly killing bacteria and microbial elements than harmful chemicals such as bleach.


What are the benefits?