eWater Standalone Systems

Compact and super efficient, eWater Standalone Systems cleaning and sanitising system is economical to buy and easy to install. This wall-mounted, single-outlet unit can be easily installed into new sites or retro-fitted into existing sites. eWater Standalone Systems are used to sanitise all types of food, kitchen equipment and surfaces.

"...a much safer environment for staff"

Lynden Aged Care is an 80 bed community-based residential aged care facility located in Camberwell. Ann Turnbull, CEO of Lynden, has emphasised the importance on protecting the residents from chemical exposure in addition to establishing an environment with a heavily reduced carbon imprint. Lynden Aged Care currently has an eWater Standalone System installed in the facility.

Standalone System Client – Lynden Aged Care


eWater Reticulated Systems

eWater Reticulated Systems are ideal for any kitchen that has multiple sinks and hand wash basins and for large-scale operations such as food production facilities, fish wholesalers, processing kitchens, restaurants and production kitchens of all sizes.

With central tanks supplying a network of taps and wash stations, eWater Reticulated Systems are custom-designed to meet the individual needs of the most challenging environments.

"I didn't think it could possibly work..."

Designed by sustainability guru Joost Bakker for the 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Greenhouse applied a zero-waste philosophy using recycled and biodegradable materials. In addition to this, the site enforced a no toxic chemical environment and featured a fully reticulated eWater unit. The restaurant was headed by Matt Stone who was awarded the Gourmet Traveller’s prestigious Best New Talent Award in 2011. Matt has been a vocal advocate of sustainable dining and has continued this philosophy at the restaurant at Oakridge Winery.

Reticulated System Client – Greenhouse


eWater Consumables

We also carry a selected range of high quality consumable items specifically for use with our eWater Systems including specially graded eWater electrolyser salt, eWater cleaning and eWater sanitising spray bottles, eWater test strips, and eWater microfibre cloths as well as other parts and accessories.

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