Worthy Projects

At eWater, we are a community with an active goal, to reduce our chemical footprint.
With this goal in mind, we are happy to promote local, national, and international projects
which align with our values, and benefit our world.

Scroll down to see these worthy projects.



Reducing the impact of single use plastic bottles

Every year, over 20 Billion single use plastic water bottles are dumped in landfill. memobottle are a Melbourne startup company producing premium, well designed alternatives to single use plastic water bottles.

Every aspect of memobottle's designs has been considered to maximise efficiecy & ease of use, and to minimise it's impact on our environment, from materials, to freight, to distribution.

We would like to congratulate memobottle on a sucessful launch, and in their efforts to reduce our plastic footprint.

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Long St Coffee

A Social Enterprise Cafe & Catering Service

Long St Coffee is a social enterprise cafe in the heart of Richmond. Since its inception they have been committed to providing training and employment opportunities to young refugees.

They provide our newest Australians with that vital first step they need to achieve their dreams. Long St has recently expanded into off-site catering, which directly contributes to their hospitality training program.

We at eWater Systems congratulate Long St Coffee on this fantastic initiative, and can vouch first hand for the excellence of their service.

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Six Classes


Six Classes, The Green Science Policy Institute

Most of the products we use every day contain chemicals of concern that may be harming our health and can be grouped into "Six Classes", each containing similar chemicals. By using the Six Classes approach, it allows for better understanding of these chemicals, their functions, where they are used, and how they can be avoided.

It can prevent a vicious cycle whereby a phased out harmful chemical is replaced with a closely related chemical which may cause similar harm.


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Sustainable Table


Sustainable Table

In coming decades the world faces the risk of major regional food crises leading to conflicts and mass refugee movements. This is driven primarily by emerging scarcities of all the primary resources required to produce food and a global failure to reinvest in it.

eWater Systems encourages all to play their part to create a more sustainable future for our food.


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The Natural Cook


The Natural Cook by Matt Stone

Matt Stone, one of Australia's brightest young chefs, is a passionate advocate of zero-waste cooking and ethical food, and an even bigger fan of a cracking meal. Whether it's a nourishing breakfast, a quick weeknight meal or a feast for friends, Matt shows how creating sustainable food that's full of flavour is easier than you think. With such commitment to natural foods its little wonder Matt is a big eWater fan.


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Sea Walls by PangeaSeed


Sea Walls – public art with purpose

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is PangeaSeed’s groundbreaking public art project that brings the oceans into the streets around the world.

We collaborate with some of today’s most renowned contemporary artists to create large-scale public murals that address pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing by forging a synthesis between public art, nature, and society.

eWater Systems encourages all people concerned about the marine environment to fully support the Sea Walls initiative.


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The New Plastics Economy


The New Plastics Economy

Aiming towards a plastics system that works, The New Plastics Economy applies the principles of the circular economy, bringing together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastics, starting with packaging. 

Did you know that only 1 to 3% of all plastics used are recycled? After we use them, we throw them away. 


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Congratulations to STREAT on the opening on their remarkable new cafe in Cromwell Street Collingwood.

At this wonderful new cafe featuring an in house bakery and on site coffee roasting, great food is made, young people trained and lives changed for the better.

STREAT is a social enterprise with a focus is on youth homelessness and disadvantage.

We are proud of our involvement with STREAT and helping to provide young people with a pathway from the street to a sustainable livelihood.


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Plastic Bag Free Victoria


Plastic Bag Free Victoria

This fantastic grass roots campaign aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of wasteful plastic bags in Victoria, by lobbying Government and raising awareness among everyday citizens. We at eWater fully support this aim. By taking reusable bags to the supermarket, refusing plastic bags or using a box,  Victorians can save over a billion plastic bags each year.



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War On Waste


ABC's War On Waste

The four-part documentary series War on Waste, takes a critical look at household, retail and farming waste in Australia and asks, what is it about our consumer culture that has led us to become among the most wasteful nations on Earth?

They go behind the ‘greenwash’ and discover the truth about where our waste actually ends up, and learn what we can do to reduce the staggering volumes we produce.

War On Waste will air on the ABC this year.


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When Balloons Fly


When Balloons Fly Campaign

More than 80% of baby seabirds on Lord Howe Island have ingested rubbish, with balloons and their attachments one of the most identifiable items.

These items are dangerously hazardous to these birds and are ended up in waterways all around Australia.

By replacing balloons with other kinds of outdoor activities, we can play our part in protecting our precious wildlife.


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Life Cykel


Life Cykel

Life Cykel believe that for Australian’s health to thrive, we must enable the availability of fresher and unprocessed food. Life Cykel enables Australian’s to simply grow their own fresher gourmet mushrooms in their home, as well as for schools, fundraisers and restaurants across Australia.

Did you know that coffee grounds in landfill have 20 times the global warming impact of CO2!? However used coffee grounds are given a new life when Life Cykel grow gourmet mushrooms from them. Life Cykel is driven to inspire more closed loop business models and the Swedish spelling of ‘Life Cykel’ came from international inspiration in our quest for fresher food and greener living.


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