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Griffith University are making strides towards their 2020 sustainability goal by implementing eWater Systems across all five campuses. Facilities services company ISS are on board to discover the benefits of the cleaning alternative.

With the installation of eWater Systems across all of its campuses, Griffith University is taking big steps towards their key goal for 2020: to be a sustainable university.

This is certainly no easy feat with 5 campuses, 50,000 students and 4,000 staff, but they’re committed to reducing the use of harmful packaged chemicals associated with traditional cleaning methods.

Phil Wood, Key Account Manager ISS for Griffith University

The eWater Sustainable Hygiene System was installed in 2018 across 5 campuses at Griffith University in Queensland to remove harsh cleaning chemicals. Managed and operated by global facilities company ISS, eWater is now the primary cleaning and sanitising solution for the team. As a biodegradable and on-site production solution, the solution aligns with Griffith University's sustainability objectives.

Here’s how eWater Systems have revolutionised campus maintenance for facilities services company ISS and helped Griffith make strides towards their sustainability goals:

1. Minimising impact on the environment

 eWater removes the need to use packaged chemicals which are bad for our health, the environment and our wallets.

“Commercial cleaning unfortunately traditionally carries with it a high level of chemical use. From an environmental perspective, the reduced impact is really significant.”
Phil Wood, ISS Manager, Griffith University

Not only is it safer, it’s more effective too and can be used on a range of different surfaces including glass and stainless steel.


2. Reduced cost

No need to buy more chemicals week after week. eWater is an independent and comprehensive system that can be used indefinitely, with minimal maintenance required. Griffith University are currently on track to complete a capital payback on the systems in 4 years. This is generated by the direct reduction in chemical costs and the extremely low production cost of eWater solution ($0.03 per litre).

ISS Facilities cleaning with eWater Cleaner

3. Safer for staff

No engagement with nasty chemicals, fumes or harmful products. Just eWater. A simpler, safer and more straightforward solution that staff have easily adapted to, creating a safer working environment.

“Our team don’t have to carry around 6 different products, they carry around one product.”
Phil Wood, ISS Manager, Griffith University


We are proud to help Griffith University and ISS move towards a more economical, more sustainable future.


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