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Fenn Foods are paving the way toward a healthy plant-based future for Australians and put sustainability at the heart of every decision. This made eWater the perfect fit to provide a food safe and non-toxic hygiene system.

Based on Queensland’s serene Sunshine Coast, the team at Fenn Foods produce a range of ethically sourced and delicious plant-based products that can be found in selected retailers around the country. Their expanding range of smooth dairy-free cheeses, flavoursome condiments and umami-rich meat-free burger patties are quickly becoming favourites with food-loving people seeking sustainable and appetising alternatives. 

Watch: Alejandro from Fenn Foods shares his experiences with eWater Systems.

Meet Fenn Foods

With celebrated chef Alejandro Cancino at the helm of recipe development, customers can expect to enjoy natural, high-quality and seriously delicious vegan food that will appeal to (and surprise) everyone. 

Fenn Foods puts sustainable at the heart of their business and their products. This guiding principle lead the business to find a better alternative to using synthetic and harsh chemicals for cleaning and sanitising products that are typically used in kitchens around the world

eWater is now used to clean everything in the kitchen – from floors to pots, benches and fridges.
— Alejandro
Fenn Foods Platter

Choosing eWater Systems

Alejandro & Paola - Fenn Foods

With food safety standards being a critical consideration in a move to an alternative solution, Fenn Foods turned to eWater Systems and installed the HACCP certified standalone eWater ROX10 Hygiene System. Using water electrolysis technology, this system provides an on-site and on-demand solution, enabling Fenn Foods to produce environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning and sanitising solution when and where they need it.

With the system now fully integrated within the production kitchen, the team at Fenn Foods are able to replace almost all packaged chemicals from their operations. Importantly this includes with food handling, where eWater Cleaner and Sanitiser is exclusively used for food prep.

The Chefs Choice

As a powerful universal cleaning solution eWater Cleaner lifts dirt and grime, and emulsifies grease and fats, making it a perfect product for any kitchen. Combined with eWater Sanitiser, a proven anti-microbial agent, food producers can be confident of their food safety standards.

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