Meet our new eWater team member.

Introducing Julian Gibbs

eWater Sytems’ new queensland based recruit, Julian Gibbs, has first-hand experience with eWater and its effectiveness in food safety and killing bacteria.

Julian Gibbs Profile eWater Team

Julian has over 25 years’ experience in kitchen operations, including working at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for 10 years where he was part of the pre-opening team for the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

“eWater was probably the biggest risk management tool that I had in the kitchen.” Gibbs says.

Normally your only real guaranteed method of killing bacteria is to cook the food product over 75 degrees. eWater introduces another kill step, which is earlier in the production cycle, and also impacts food that potentially doesn’t go through that kill step of being cooked.


An Alternative to chemical cleaning products.

Gibbs believes eWater presents a viable alternative to chemical cleaning products.

“With chemical cleaning products, you’re relying on dosing, getting the right dosing, you’re relying on your staff doing the right thing to dose it properly in the beginning,’ he says, “then you’ve got the application of chemicals, a lot of people don’t apply them properly which adds risk to your operations.”
“eWater takes away all of that. You don’t have to have staff members trained in chemicals usage to use eWater, so it saves time and money training your staff in how to clean because you’re giving them one product to clean with and that product will clean everything they need to clean. That’s the beauty of eWater."

Gibbs will be using his knowledge and experience with eWater in his new role as our Business Development & Operations Advisor in Queensland to ensure newcomers to eWater can properly and fully utilize eWater in their business.


Contact Julian directly if you are interested in learning how eWater could work in your organisation or would like to hear about Julian's experience with eWater at the ICC.

Mobile:  0425 716 227