The unseen issue affecting unseen workers

We have long known about the dangers posed by chemical cleaning products but have done little to address the issue.

In Australia we like to think we’re immune because we cannot see it. We don’t see where our rubbish goes, what goes down our drains or into our atmosphere.

And who does this unseen problem effect the most? The unseen obviously.

Australian cleaning industry workers are regularly exposed to dangerous chemical, causing long-term side effect and their voices are not being heard.

A report on ‘The occupational safety and health of cleaning workers’ published by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, also found that cleaning workers are subjected to multiple chemical and biological hazards that present a number of health problems.

“Using cleaning agents may also generate risks such as the risk of inhalation of dangerous substances contained… cleaning products used for common cleaning tasks are usually mixtures of different chemicals, including dermal and respiratory irritants and sensitizers.”

“Depending on the chemical substances involved, different types of health outcomes may be caused such [as] irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, skin dermatitis, respiratory disorders, including asthma, and cancers.”

Employers and business owners have a responsibility to their cleaning workers to keep them looked after, safe and healthy.

They can do this by reducing their exposure to dangerous cleaning chemicals.

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