eWater awarded in B Corp best for the World

eWater Systems is committed to creating a better future through our mission to reduce the worlds chemical footprint. As part of this commitment we are a proud certified B Corp business. Today, we are excited to announce that for the second year running we have been honoured by B Lab in their annual ‘Best for the World” list, recognising our work in creating a positive impact for the environment, workers and community. 

B Corporation Best for the World 2018

B Corp Best for the World List

The list published annually by B Lab, the non-profit organisation who oversees the certification, highlights Certified B Corporations with B Impact Assessment scores in the top 10% of more than 2,400 certified businesses around the world. eWater Systems has been honoured in the 2018 list alongside other leading and pioneering companies such as Patagonia, A to Z Wineworks, Give Something Back Workplace Solutions, and the United Kingdom’s Charity Bank.

 The full B Impact Assessment evaluates a company’s environmental performance, employee relationships, diversity, involvement in the local community, the impact a company’s product or service has on those it serves, and more. Co-founder of B Lab, Jay Coen Gilbert noted -

“With the rise of anger at a system that feels rigged, people are hungry for companies like eWater Systems, who are changing the system by building businesses that seek to create the greatest positive impact.
"The Best For The World is the only list of businesses that uses comprehensive, comparable, third-party-validated data about a company’s social and environmental performance. As consumers, talent and investors increasingly demand transparent, values-aligned businesses to buy from, work at, and invest in, companies will need to not just be the best in the world but the best for the world. Not just to be nice—but to be the most successful.”

About eWater Systems

eWater Systems is an Australian biotech company that offers sustainable hygiene systems using salt water electrolysis technology to safely replace harmful chemicals at a lower cost, with zero impact on the environment. The simple, safe and effective nature of electrolysed salt water, provides an elegant solution to a complex problem. Our founder, Phil Gregory highlighted in response to this honour -

“These accolades reflect the growing appetite for change from the use of outdated packaged chemicals towards sustainable alternatives that are simpler, safer, cheaper and more effective.

“We know that our products in use today are replacing up to 94 million litres in packaged chemicals that would have cost our clients more than $33m. But more importantly, the science shows that in almost all cases eWater is far more effective at quickly killing bacteria and microbial elements than harmful chemicals such as bleach”.
ewater systems hygenie systems

eWater Systems are installed in over 350 leading Australian businesses, many are iconic sites such as Melbourne Cricket Ground, the International Convention Centre in Sydney, over 100 Aged Care facilities, prestigious restaurants such as Aria, the Rockpool Group and the Stokehouse, and hospitals such Royal Children’s, Victorian Cancer Care and Australian Parliament House.


For the full list and more information about B Corp, see the bthechange Website.
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