Trinity College Research Validates eWater

Yet another positive side effect of Electrolysed Water has been found in a recent study conducted by researchers at Trinity College Dublin.

Hospital water systems are known to be significant reservoirs of microbial contamination, which are responsible for infections, especially among patients with compromised immune systems such as those in intensive care units.

Microbial films form within washbasins, sinks, and their pipework, and U-bends collect hair and other debris. These can be significant health issues in hospitals and healthcare facilities more generally.

In this study, Electrolysed Water Solutions used for only a few minutes per week were proven to not only eliminate virtually all bacterial elements within sinks and pipes, but also helped to clear debris, without doing any damage to the sinks and pipes.

We believe this to be an important study for eWater, proving yet again that Electrolysed Water in healthcare has a multitude of benefits to offer.

Study source (Swan JS, et al.)