eWater Winning Plaudits at Wolper Hospital

Wolper Jewish Hospital in Woollahra, Sydney, is a private centre of medical excellence providing medical, palliative and rehabilitation services in accordance with Jewish religious requirements. This traditional patient care complements state of the art facilities, including a fully reticulated eWater System which, according to staff, has been integral to the kitchen reverberation of Wolper Jewish Hospital.

With 10 outlet points through the kitchen, eWater Systems’ cleaning and sanitising solutions are being used for food preparation, hand washing, surface cleaning and trolley washing.

Discussing her impressions of the eWater System since its commissioning, Linda Cumines, Consultant Dietitian, jubilantly declared,  

“In rebuilding the kitchens at Wolper Jewish Hospital we sort to include the latest technologies to ensure our food safety standards linchpin our reputation for great food. eWater has delivered us a simple end user system for cleaning water and sanitising water. All our staff, from Chef to Cleaner, have enjoyed the ease of the system”

Wolper Hospital is now in the good company of the other major metropolitan hospitals also using large-scale eWater Systems.

These include Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, Box Hill Hospital, Bendigo Hospital, Austin Reparation Hospital Heidelberg, Southern Health/Kingston, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (Peter Mac VCCC) and Sunshine Hospital.