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eWS ROX60 Reticulated System

Food Safety + Cleaning

The iconic Stokehouse Restaurant in St.Kilda integrated an eWater Reticulated System during their rebuild and now uses it extensively for both back and front of house.

Rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2014, the new restaurant will become Australia's first 5 Star Green Star building of its kind. The new two-level building is home to a refreshed and larger Stokehouse restaurant, casual dining space Pontoon and beachside fish and chip kiosk, Paper Fish in St Kilda.

The Green Star rating is given based on the sustainable design, construction and operation of the building. Many innovative technologies have been utilised including solar power, onsite composting, sustainable and recycled materials, geothermal heating and cooling, and low-carbon concrete.

“I’m really excited that the Chefs love it...they have told me that it’s better than what they could have ever anticipated”
— Frank van Haandel, Owner

In addition to these innovations, a reticulated eWater hygiene system was integrated throughout the building to support their green technology package. The system was commissioned with the opening of the new restaurant and to date is replacing an estimated 300 litres of synthetic chemical hygiene consumables each month1.

We caught up with Frank and Group Kitchen Manager Ben Pigott recently to find out how they were going.

Where eWater is being used.

By design, eWater has been integrated through out the kitchen with 8 Automatic VDW Handwash stations and 11 AY tap outlets distributed across the venue. This allows the team to use eWater for both kitchen and front of house applications that include:

  • Handwash

  • Food Preparation

  • Degreasing and Pot Wash

  • Floor Cleaning

  • Equipment cleaning and sanitising

  • Table and bar cleaning

  • Window and stainless cleaning

“it actually works better than regular chemicals... based on that alone I would recommend it”.
— Ben Pigott, Group Kitchen Manager
eWater Impact Report

Making an Impact

A year and half after commissioning, eWater remains a core part of the teams day to day protocols. Today it is contributing to the buildings 5 Star Greenstar rating and has lead to the replacement of an estimated 4,500 litres of undiluted chemicals1.

This is the equivalent to over 900 five litre plastic containers of chemicals2. With the investment in place and active use across the restaurant, the team are on their way to paying back the capital expenditure in just under two years.

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  1. Chemical replacement is estimated by monitoring production hours of the eWater System to determine total volume of eWater solution used in month divided by average dilution rates of conventional chemical alternatives (eWater is produced at the required dosage and requires no dilution).

  2. As eWater is produced by an onsite production unit, all production volume can be monitored and controlled by the operator. Additional impact reporting is available to customers utilising established benchmarks from an Independent RMIT study.