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Executive Chef at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), Peter Haycroft has long been an advocate of eWater in his kitchens. He previously used it at the MCG and made a point to ensure it was installed at the MCEC when he came onboard.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has an excellent track record when it comes to sustainability and ethical practices, from sourcing their quality produce from Victorian farms, to their focus on reducing chemical and packaging use.

This focus along with smart design has resulted in MCEC being the first convention centre to be awarded a 6-Star Green Star environment rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Watch our chat with Peter Haycroft about eWater at the MCEC

Executive Chef Peter Haycroft has been working with eWater Systems products for over 5 years after first being introduced to it at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Taking on the role at MCEC, he ensured that eWater was integrated into the kitchen and used throughout for food sanitising and washdowns. Peter cannot speak more highly of the impact it has had on their operations.

“I’ve worked with it so long that if I walked into a kitchen that didn’t have eWater I’d be looking into getting it in there…it just seems to old fashioned not to have it.”

As one of the largest and most high profile commercial kitchens in the country, we are proud to see the MCEC take a leadership position in replacing harsh synthetic chemical hygiene products with eWater. The results are evident - better for business, better for people, better for the environment.

“We’ve got a great reputation, and eWater helps us to maintain that reputation.”

Peter Haycroft
Executive Chef, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

eWater is ideal for businesses of all sizes with both large and small options available. If you’d like to speak to us about how eWater Systems can help your business to be more cost effective, sustainable, and a healthier working environment, get in touch with us today