Shaun Presland to bring an eWater System to his latest venture in London

Shaun Presland, Former Executive Chef at Saké is opening his new restaurant ‘Pacific’ in London after a year of searching for the perfect site.

Shaun has been a strong advocate of eWater for years now, and we spoke with him recently about the move, and why he insisted on bringing an eWater System across with him for this latest restaurant.

Introducing Shaun

Shaun Presland is considered one of Australia’s most esteemed contemporary Japanese chefs. With 15 years dedicated to perfecting his craft by learning the fundamentals in Japan & training intensively with world-class Japanese chefs, Shaun was executive chef of highly regarded Saké restaurant group in Australia.

Why eWater is so much a part of how you work your magic?

Like every good chef, I want to extend the shelf life of my fresh produce in addition to wash off any pesticides, dirt and bacteria from fresh fruit and vegetables. The ability of eWater solution to wash my fish inside and out before filleting still blows my mind.

Washing Fish with eWater

We’re living In a world where chemicals and plastics being abused to the detriment of our own health and environment — using eWater gives better results than factory manufactured chemicals, but more importantly gives us reassurance that what eventually ends up in our bodies and down the drain is 100% safe for the ourselves and the planet.

I’m sanitising with a water that has the chemical properties of bleach, but safe for all of the users, including the planet.

How long you’ve had an eWater System?

In Australia, I been fortunate to have had eWater installed from the building process of most of the kitchens I’ve worked in and ran since 2007 in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

It was top of my list to have an operating eWater system in my own London Restaurant. It’s a bit of thrill to have the very first system in London and I can’t wait to blow the minds of all our staff showing them the amazing sanitising and cleaning applications eWater is capable of.

Saké Restaurant - eWater VDW Handwash Station

Saké Restaurant - eWater VDW Handwash Station

What sort of company is eWater Systems to deal with?

Im so fortunate to have known and dealt with eWater Systems for over 13 years now and had them install 5 units over this time. These guys just want to help and ensure that your eWater works for you and your needs.

They’re an honest and reputable bunch who stand behind their product 100%, eWater have done over the past 13 years to put eWater where it is today, especially in the massive stadiums, convention centres and Hospital Facilities.

The new Restaurant - Pacific

Taking over the old Foxlow site in Soho, Pacific will be a mix of Japanese and Australian food, so expect an all-day menu, fresh dishes and lots of colour. Though Pacific will be his debut restaurant in the city, Shaun has cooked here before, including a successful residency at Carousel and he’s gathered a great team of hospitality pros to help him on his journey.

Follow Shaun and Pacific via Instagram here: @pacific

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The eWater Hygiene System is a HACCP approved alternative to synthetic packaged cleaning and sanitising chemicals. Purpose designed for commercial kitchens and scientifically proven, it is the preferred choice for chefs. Interested in learning more?

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