Save Burnham Beeches

Burnham Beeches is a sleeping beauty and one of the most significant heritage assets in the Dandenongs and Victoria.

Built in the vintage of Art Moderne - a streamlined, late variant of Art Deco- it epitomises the essence of Australian optimism in harmony with our incredible natural landscape and designed gardens. Once the finest boutique hotel in Australia, it has been abandoned for over 25 years and is in a seriously bad state of repair and at risk.

This site is now owned by a partner and client of eWater, Shannon Bennett, and Adam Garrisson.

Shannon and Adam have a vision to restore Burnham Beeches and to create a total food, hospitality and cultural experience unprecedented anywhere in the world, and we at eWater Systems are convinced Burnham Beeches could not be in better hands.

However, they need the help of the Victorian community to petition the Government to allow this to happen.

If you support the renewal and restoration of this historic site, and the vision of Shannon and Adam, please support their efforts by signing the change.org petition here.