Green chemistry and its principles

Since the change in governmental leadership last year, dialogue involving environmental and innovative practices has opened and blossomed.  It’s a positive shift because it acknowledges that sustainable practices and prosperity aren’t mutually exclusive, but can be used in harmony to produce beneficial results for both the private sector and the society at large.

Over the past five years many organizations from a variety of industries have been utilizing renewable and biodegradable methods and materials, which minimise harm to the environment. This is becoming increasingly prevalent in the scientific sector, with green chemistry making substantial progress.

Green chemistry is centered around a set of principles that enables scientists to protect and benefit the economy, people and the planet.  Many organizations, such as DuPont, are utilizing valuable chemical materials from renewable resources which some predict “can fuel major sustainability gains across society”.

Most know that many chemicals are not good for us and that there are too many in our food and environment. eWater Systems will proudly support any action that helps us to better understand the real impact of our consumption on ourselves, our children and on future generations – or who wants to do something about it. eWater Systems is committed to the supply of solutions produced through green chemistry design principles. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances thus protecting people and our planet.