[ Cheese, Please ]

“You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.”  - Anthony Bourdain

Matt Steele loves cheese. The various textures, the many flavours and the peculiar smells. Of which there are many. So it seemed natural that he took the next step and became a cheesemonger – establishing Cornelius Cheese, an online cheese store, specialising in providing the finest artisan cheese from Australia and the world.

Matt stocks between 6-20 types of cheeses in his cheese cave in Brunswick, where once a month he curates a package with three carefully selected cheeses – depending on the season and availability – then delivers the goods to those signed up for the Cornelius Cheese Club.  

For a man dedicated to tasting and respecting cheese, Matt was vehement about absolutely retaining the integrity of the produce. It seemed natural that an eWater Standalone System be used, instead of abrasive chemicals, in and around the cheese cave. When we discussed eWater and the innovative nature of the technology with Matt enthusiastically stated,

 “Our eWater System has served here in the Cheese Cave for the better part of two years now. We use it to ensure a clean and sanitary environment with none of the environmental impacts of chemicals and sprays. Our cutting benches are rinsed and used now with no chance of cross contamination or chemical residue. Our eWater System has saved us a fortune and ensured the maintenance of product integrity.”