Living in a Poisoned Planet

Allen & Unwin has published an alarming piece of literature by the former director of national awareness for CSIRO, Julian Cribb.  In his book, Poisoned Planet, Cribb highlights the shocking affects of toxins and our constant exposure to harmful chemicals. Cribb, the previous scientific editor for The Australian, argues “Modern humans are constantly assailed by hundreds and probably thousands of different man-made chemicals every day”.

One of Cribbs’ arguments relates to the excessive and unnecessary use of pesticides and inadvertent consumption of chemical residue on our foods. Exposure to such pernicious chemicals is putting individuals’ lives at risk, with higher risks of heart disease and cancers. We’re proud and happy to say that electrolysed water is an sustainable alternative to such measures; not only for individuals’ health, but for our planet.

It is great to see people as credible as Cribb researching and compiling his findings in a text such as Poisoned Planet, to warn us of irresponsible pollution and encourage us of finding a more sustainable framework for future generations.

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