Australian agricultural institute investigating benefits of electrolysed water on crops

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) has partnered with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) to explore the use of electrolysed water on crops.  The trial has received a warm reception with the institute’s Professor Roger Stanley commenting, “The future here is…very good. We can use it to extend the shelf life of food. The other use could be as a field sanitiser, for controlling the fungal bacteria infection in crops…It’s a novel and innovative use of…technology and we really want our farmers to be up and taking advantage of these new uses.”

TFGA representative Karine Cadoret agreed commenting “The clean and green and safe image of the Tasmanian produce would definitely benefit from having technology like this. The technology has actually been certified for organic production systems and it’s safe for the environment, as well as being safe for humans”.

Commenting on the excessive and arguably superfluous consumption of chemicals Cadoret enthusiastically highlighted, “To have another tool [such as electrolysed water], part of the array of the things that [they] can use to ensure that their production will yield good results has obviously got a lot of potential benefits”.

We couldn’t agree more.

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