Cleaning and sanitising without harsh costs

eWater Systems’ highly effective cleaning and sanitising solutions are economically produced by applying an electrical charge to a mixture of ordinary tap water and plain table salt.  The simple science behind eWater Systems produces electrolysed water solutions that clean and sanitise as effectively as chemical cleaners for a fraction of the cost.


How a simple science provides non toxic solutions

Extensive bodies of research prove the effectiveness of electrolysed water as the safe but powerful alternative to traditional chemical cleaning and sanitising. eWater Systems’ cleaning and sanitising solutions are gentle enough to clean hands, yet powerful enough to control infection and eradicate the nastiest bacteria.


Sustainable solutions for a healthier planet

Using nothing but electrolysed water, eWater Systems provides the most sustainable cleaning and sanitising solutions, with no harmful chemical residues and negligible downstream impact. With eWater Systems there is no need for wasteful packaging and you are assured of a low carbon footprint in terms of manufacture and transport.


We are proud of the company we keep

eWater Systems are trusted to work across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, child care, education, food production, infrastructure, restaurants and aged care. Our clients include some of Australia’s most iconic organisations and all have made highly considered decisions regarding their investment in eWater Systems.


Why use eWater systems?

The technology behind eWater Systems is smart, safe and sustainable. eWater System’s electrolysed water solutions are created by applying an electrical charge to a mixture of tap water and plain table salt. The electrolysis process separates the sodium and chlorine in the salt, leaving two highly effective solutions on opposing ends of the pH scale – alkaline for cleaning and acidic for sanitising.

How it works