The proof

A significant body of academic, peer reviewed research and microbiological studies from around the world proves the remarkable effectiveness of electrolysed water as produced by eWater Systems

Time and again, research highlights the huge range of pathogens that electrolysed water destroys virtually on contact, whilst being non-toxic and safe to use. The research covers extensive applications for food safety, especially when dealing with fruit, vegetables, seafood, poultry and eggs. There is also a mounting evidence for applications in numerous other areas such as the medical and dental fields.

Electrolysed water solutions are proven to be highly effective in rigorous microbiological testing in any environment, from aged care and childcare facilities to hospitals, restaurants and food production.

Research papers

There are literally hundreds of research papers proving the effectiveness of electrolysed water in the cleaning and sanitising of food, surfaces and equipment across a broad range of industries.

The following papers are a small sample of research on the effectiveness of electrolysed water across the food and healthcare industries provided to validate the effectiveness of eWater Systems.

  1. Applications of electrolyzed water in agriculture & food industries. Muhammad Imran Al Haq, Junichi Sugiyama and Seiichiro Isobe. Food Science Technology Research Journal 2005
  2. Application of electrolyzed water in the food industry. Yu-Ru Huang et al. Food Control 2008
  3. Electrochemically activated solutions: evidence for antimicrobial efficacy and applications in healthcare environments. Thorn R.M.S. et al. European Journal Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease 2011
  4. The application of alkaline and acidic electrolyzed water in the sterilization of chicken breasts and beef liver.
    Yuko Shimamura et al. Food Science & Nutrition 2015
  5. Electrolyzed oxidized water (EOW): non-thermal approach for decontamination of food borne
    microorganisms in food industry. Subrota Hati et al. Food and Nutrition Sciences 2012
  6. Electrolyzed water and Its application in the food Industry.
    D. Hricova, R. Stephan, and C. Zweifel. Journal of Food Production 2008

If you require further evidence pertaining to your industry sector, please email us.