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Providing a healthy work environment is important in every business, but when your business is co-working and your customers are part of the fabric of your work environment it becomes a critical part of your brand and reputation.

The team at CreativeCubes.Co considers the creation of healthy, vibrant and high quality work environments core to their business. Converting buildings into collaborative communities and distinctive workspace cultures, their customers include all types of businesses from entrepreneurs to multi-national tech companies in need of flexible work environments.

Lyndon - CreativeCubes
Given how much time we spend at work, healthy workplaces are so important. Being able to remove harsh chemicals and replace them with a little factory to produce our own in a sustainable manner is a no brainer for our business.
— Lyndon Cookson, CreativeCubes.Co

Using eWater Solutions for property cleaning

CreativeCubes.Co installed a standalone eWater Hygiene System as a quick and easy retrofit into an existing fit out. Installed and operational within a day, it has been an effective manner to make a difference. The system has been installed primarily for use by the property cleaning team and enables all purpose cleaning and disinfecting to be achieved with no harsh chemicals. As an on-demand generator it also removes their needs to maintain a hazardous chemical cleaning cupboard on site.

Creating Healthy Work Environments

With extensive evidence pointing to more productive staff, less sick days and better brand reputations, healthy work environments that promote well-being are increasingly becoming common place in many companies.

While most of the effort in creating healthy work environment tends to be via the office fit out, additional and practical applications in operations can also make a big difference. Using the eWater Hygiene System provides one of these contributions to healthy work environments by removing harsh synthetic cleaning chemicals and artificial fragrances in cleaning.

Benefits to their Customers

As an additional benefit to the residents at CreativeCubes, the system has been installed in the community kitchen making it available for all to use. As a low cost generation system, it means everyone is able to refill cleaning solution to take home whenever they need.

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