Our Environmental and Social impact

We treat our social and environmental impact as a primary measure of success for our
business, and prioritise it even in cases where it may not necessarily drive profitability.

“Any business that is keen to improve occupational health and safety in the workplace and reduce
the environmental impact of their activities should look into the use of electrolysed water solutions.
The benchmarking analysis showed that electrolysed water solutions are more economical to use,
introduce fewer chemicals to the environment and provide a safer environment for the users and the
facilities where these solutions are used”*.

Source: RMIT ESD Report, November 2011.

Our Principles

  • We have the upmost respect for our clients and are grateful for their support
  • We are committed to behaving with fairness and honesty
  • We consider the human, social and environmental consequences of our actions and believe in long-term,
    sustainable solutions rather than short-term economic gains

Green and Sustainable Chemistry

eWater Systems is committed to the supply of solutions produced through green chemistry design principles.
Our aim is to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances thus protecting people and our planet.

Most people know that some chemicals are not good for us and that there are too many in our food and environment. eWater Systems will proudly support any action that helps us to better understand the real impact of our consumption on ourselves, our children and on future generations – or who wants to do something about it.
We are at the early stages of the green chemistry movement but there is no doubt in our mind that this movement could be larger than climate change and one that will be with us for centuries to come.

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Our Relationship with Hoshizaki

One of our key relationships is with leading Japanese manufacturer Hoshizaki Electric. eWater markets and distributes Hoshizaki products throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

With over 11,000 people, Hoshizaki are a major global force in high end ice makers, commercial refrigeration and electrolysers.

eWater Systems has always been attracted to Hoshizaki’s special commitment to environmental sustainability.

All our products are designed and manufactured to the accredited international standards of ISO 14001 - Certification for Environmental Management.

The Hoshizaki Green Foundation was  established in May 1990 with the objective of "implementing projects to protect and propagate wild plants and animals and preserve a natural environment where humans exist in harmony with nature” and this has directly lead to the establishment of various environmental facilities in the Shimane Prefecture near their manufacturing facilities.

Watch the Hoshizaki Global & Green video here. 


Our Partners