5 Reasons to use eWater for commercial cleaning

Providing a clean and hygienic environment is vital in our modern world, but in many cases the environmental and health impact of the products used are not considered. The movement and demand for healthier work and living environments is quickly lifting the cap on this issue and new solutions are needed.


An Effective Green Commercial Cleaning Solution 

The eWater Hygiene System is an effective commercial cleaning solution that sets a benchmark for environmental standards. Unlike many other cleaning products with environmental claims, eWater contains no synthetic or harsh chemicals and has designed to fit within the circular economy. Produced using water electrolysis technology, eWater Cleaner and Sanitiser offer a long list of benefits for commercial cleaning environments.

ARUP Office Melbourne

Find out why global engineering firm ARUP chose eWater to supply environmentally friendly cleaning products for their new office. Read Project Profile

How does it work?

The eWater Hygiene System is an installed on-site production system, producing both a universal cleaning solution and sanitising solution on demand using water electrolysis technology.

eWater Cleaner is highly effective at breaking down dirt and grime into miniscule particles that mops, cloths or other cleaning equipment can easily remove. When used in conjunction with eWater Sanitiser, this process can also eradicate disease-causing pathogens instead of covering them with the residue that chemical cleaners leave behind. 

eWater Sanitiser is a highly effective anti-microbial agent. Unlike most disinfectants that only claim to work when left to dwell on a surface for several minutes, sometimes as long as 10 minutes, eWater’s electrochemically-activated solutions kill bacteria in seconds, not minutes. They also help prevent bacterial infections, fungal infections, viral infections, and odors from taking hold. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing shows near-total removal of odor causing soils. 

Benefit 1 | Environmentally Friendly

As this technology relies solely on water, salt and electricity, it eliminates the need for harsh synthetic chemicals commonly found in commercial environments today. eWater solutions are completely non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Benefit 2 | Saves Money

Replacing packaged chemicals with eWater products helps reduce costs drastically. An RMIT University study has shown that eWater solution can be produced for 80% less than the equivalent packaged chemical product.  Once installed the only operational consumables are salt, water and electricity – and with 5kg of salt producing 10,000 litres of eWater Solution, it goes a long way!

Griffith University

Griffith University | ISS
Used across five campuses for commercial cleaning.

25 King Street Building, Brisbane

25 King Street Brisbane
Installed throughout building for commercial cleaning.

Benefit 3 | Safe for Humans

eWater requires no personal protective equipment to use and doesn’t need to be kept under lock and key. This is a huge benefit for both the companies maintaining OH&S compliance and staff who are often forced to handle harsh chemicals every day.

Using eWater is also safer for those living or working the environments where it is used. Modern day packaged chemicals often leaves chemical residue on surfaces if not wiped away. Air quality also improves when using eWater as many air freshners are made from synthetic chemicals that are known to contain EDC’s and VOCs.

Benefit 4 | Fewer Products Required

Many of our customers are removing ten or more different cleaning products when transitioning to eWater. This may include: a glass cleaner, an eliminator spray, an all-purpose cleaner, a neutral floor cleaner or a foamy restroom cleaner. It is not only more efficient but saves time and money for cleaning operators.

In almost all cases the cleaning processes that worked prior to a changeover also remain the same. The only difference is that now it only takes two products to clean and sanitise glass, countertops, tile (vinyl composition tile, marble, ceramic, etc.), carpets, walls, floors, doors, partitions and bathroom fixtures. There’s no more mixing and matching of chemicals. eWater solution can even be used with floor scrubbing machines.

Benefit 5 | Better for Business

Investors and customers alike are increasingly demanding that businesses act to reduce or minimise the environmental impact in their operations. Finding the best employees is also increasingly requiring business to demonstrate sustainable credentials and provide healthy work environments. The eWater Hygiene Systems supports all these demands as triple bottom line solution - better for the bottom line, better for the planet and better for people. Better for business.

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