Cleaning products as damaging as cigarettes?

Regular use of cleaning products has been found to be comparable to 10-20 pack years of tobacco smoking.

According to a new study at the University of Bergen in Norway, regular exposure to cleaning products can be as harmful as a daily cigarette habit.

Scientists have found that both professional and home cleaners have increased risks of asthma, respiratory disease and accelerated lung function decline.

"When you think of inhaling small particles from cleaning agents that are meant for cleaning the floor and not your lungs, maybe it is not so surprising after all," says lead author Øistein Svanes.

"Our findings advocate a need for further focus on preventing harmful exposure to the airways from exposure in cleaning activities."

The evidence is mounting that the use of harmful chemicals needs to be replaced with safe, effective and sustainable alternatives such as eWater Systems. Our health and our childrens health is at stake.