The Science behind eWater

‘That sounds too good to be true’

This is a statement we hear all the time when we start talking about eWater. We love hearing it, as it really hits home to us the impact eWater can make to our customers and in turn to their customers.

To be honest, once upon a time we thought the same thing, this must be too good to be true. The idea of producing cleaning and sanitising products from salt, water and electricity seems like a far-fetched idea, but in fact, it is a simple and highly effective technology that was discovered over 100 years ago.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Let’s start by talking about Salt

Salt for over a millennium has been a valuable commodity that has been traded, used as a currency and most importantly for this conversation, has been used as an agent for preservation and medicine.

Preserving Food from Bacteria
Salt has been used as a preservative since ancient times to protect food against bacteria, mould, and spoiling. It does this by drawing water out of cells via the process of osmosis.

Organisms that decay food and cause disease are killed by a high concentration of salt. A concentration of 20% salt will kill bacteria. Lower concentrations inhibit microbial growth until you get down to the salinity of the cells, which may have the opposite and undesirable effect of providing ideal growing conditions.

This process acted as the most effective food preservation agent until refrigeration was invented in modern times.


5,000 years of Medicine

Salt has been an essential, virtually omnipresent, part of medicine for thousands of years. It has been used as a remedy, a support treatment, and a preventive measure. It has been taken internally or applied topically and been administered in an exceedingly wide variety of forms.

Today, salt is still heavily used in medicine for many different applications but is most widely used within saline solution for sanitising and hydration.

The process to make eWater

Harnessing the properties of salt and and water, eWater hygiene systems use electrolysis technology as the basis for creating a cleaning detergent and an anti-microbial sanitiser.

eWater System - Water Electrolysis

This is achieved by using electricity to induce a chemical reconfiguration of sodium chloride (salt) into an acidic sanitising solution and an alkaline cleaning solution. Our systems are configured to do this at an optimum pH range and deliver solution on-demand.

The Cleaner

During the electrolysis process, sodium hydroxide is created from the positive charge. This solution is a highly effective de-greasing cleaner, ideal for common cleaning applications including breaking down oils, proteins and bio-films.

The Sanitiser

From the negative charge, naturally forming hypochlorous acid is created. This acidic solution is a powerful anti-microbial sanitiser that is 80-100 times stronger than household bleach. It is scientifically proven to be highly effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

Efficacy of the solutions


The science and effectiveness of water electrolysis technology for cleaning and sanitising solutions are vast. Published studies have validated eWater (also known as EO in science) in many different areas including:

  • Removing pathogens and bacteria such as E Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc.

  • Removing pesticide residue from fresh food

  • Extending the shelf life of fresh produce

  • Highly effective de-greasing and mild stain removal

Why we love eWater

It is sustainable and natural
No toxic chemicals, no disposable packaging and no reliance on the chemical industry. The solutions are also most importantly bio-degradable meaning no nasty chemical residues are entering our wastewater system.

It is cheaper than packaged chemicals
eWater costs 80% less than packaged chemicals and by making both solutions on demand at the point of operation you don’t need to order, ship and store what you need.

It is safer to use and promotes healthy work environments
eWater is a toxic free and safe product that can be used without PPE’s, reducing the risk of chemical incidents in the workplace and ensuring you have a healthy work environment. This enables a wide variety of applications in a diverse range of industries that include food production, childcare, retail and animal husbandry.

Where is it used?

eWater is used by a wide range of companies in different industries around Australia, including –

  • Restaurants, bars and cafe’s

  • Hospitals

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Convention Centres

  • Food Production facilities

  • Zoo’s

  • Child Care

  • Aged Care

  • Supermarkets

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