"We deserve better than this fudging and scheming, and so do our seas" - Tim Winton

Acclaimed Australian Author Tim Winton slammed Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Government in a recent opinion piece in The Age, stating quite plainly that our Government has failed us when it comes to the conservation of our seas.

“We deserve better than this fudging and scheming, and so do our seas. It’s not too late for excellence. Or a legacy to be proud of. Sanctuaries and science can still be restored to marine parks. But that will take statesmanship, principle and courage.”

Tim Winton, Acclaimed Author and AMCS Patron

Back in 2012, an unprecedented system of marine national parks was announced, but since then this system, which was informed by exhaustive scientific process and wide community consultation, has been almost completely dismantled by the Federal Government under the Coalition.

"Turnbull's period in office has basically been a hostage drama. The bargain he made with powerbrokers rendered him captive to the party's most illiberal wing, and if his performance on climate, energy and marriage equality aren't evidence enough, last month's announcement that marine parks would be slashed beyond all recognition puts it beyond dispute."

You can read the full opinion piece from Tim Winton here.