Companies have a responsibility for the contaminants they produce

All over the world, companies produce contaminants which are washed down the drain into our water and food supply. Microbeads, nanoparticles, carcinogenic NPEs and Pthalates, antimicrobials and endocrine disruptors, to name just a few.

Once released into the market, it is impossible for governments to control what happens with them, or to prevent them from causing serious harm to our environment or the population.

Companies have a direct responsibility to reduce the harm these contaminants cause before their products hit the marker in the first place by reducing reliance on toxic chemical use.

"The potential impacts on the environment, human health and infrastructure are broad and in many cases unknown. Some contaminants can exert their toxic effects in local aquatic ecosystems very quickly. An example is the impact of oestrogen on the feminisation of fish.

While other countries have begun regulating these hazardous compounds, we are falling behind. A Greenpeace report, Toxic Threads, singled out Australia as at risk of becoming the dumping ground of the Western world."

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You can read the full story from The Conversation here.