Washington Uni reports extended shelf life of fish

This paper recently released in the Journal of Aquatic Research and Development reports on the efficacy of electrolysed water for inactivating microbes on aquatic products and particularly on extending the shelf life of fish, including shell fish. The report explains the mechanisms within eWater sanitiser solution that contribute to the solutions being recognised by the US EPA and NSF.

"In conclusion, EO water is effective for shelf-life extension for aquatic foods including live shellfish, and for sanitizing water and food contact surfaces. A combination of EO waters (sequential treatment with alkaline and acidic EO) or in combination with other methods can extend shelf life. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  approved EO for water treatment in the food industry making applications in aquaculture possible with little added regulatory approval."

— Barbara Rasco and Mahmoudreza Ovissipour

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