Sea Walls by PangeaSeed

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is a public art program by PangeaSeed Foundation that aims, in their words, to “educate and inspire individuals and communities, via public art and activism, to help save our seas”.

Sea Walls focuses on six big issues that currently afflict the oceans;

·      Warming Oceans,

·      Plastics & Pollution,

·      Ocean Acidification,

·      Coastal Development,

·      Biodiversity Loss

·      Overfishing

PangeaSeed’s passionately addresses these issues, and gains exposure, through ARTivism, a “marriage of ART AND ACTIVISM, designed to educate and raise public awareness to critical environmental issues by means of art…inspiring positive global change”.

The goal is to foster conservatism with community engagement through the unifying beauty and empowering nature of art.

To date, Sea Walls has collaborated with 250+ artists, creating over 300 murals over 30 countries.

eWater Systems admires what PangeaSeed Foundation and the artists collaborating with Sea Walls are doing. We would like to extend our support to the special individuals who dedicate their time towards artistic and environmental causes. 

Read more about the movement here