Target's New Chemical Strategy Could Transform Consumer Products Retail

As more and more attention is paid to the dangers of chemicals used in foods and products, Target has leapt ahead of its competition by developing a new strategy to ensure that their product manufacturing and supply chains are reducing their chemical and carbon footprints, with consumer groups praising the move, the pressure is now on its rivals to compete.

“Consumers are more savvy about the fact that they can ask — they realize that they have a really strong voice,” PwC Chief Purpose Officer and Corporate Responsibility Leader Shannon Schuyler told Retail Dive. “Whether it’s a company creating its own products or a company putting those products on shelves, we’re seeing a trend toward that more educated consumer. What we’re seeing in this area is more and more companies having to look at not just the products they create, but also at their supply chain.”

Target expects that this will open new commercial opportunities for value to their consumers, and while their focus is on the products they sell, their strategy also incorporates the products they use in their own manufacturing, and store operations and maintenance.

eWater see's this natural shift towards reducing chemical footprint as not only in line with our core values, but as an enormous potential opportunity moving forward.

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