Chris Bonello wins best Ōra King Dish


Chris Bonello has won the prestigious Best Ōra King Dish Australia 2017 in Tokyo with his dish Ōra King Salmon, Noodles and Rocks.

Bonello from MPD Steak Kitchen in Victoria attributes the inspiration for his dish to the Japanese way of treating food.

“Let the produce shine and garnish accordingly. Ōra King salmon speaks for itself, and in my eyes, you do not need to do anything over the top to it”


Ōra King Best Dish Australia is run by Ora King Salmon, a New Zealand Salmon farm focused on sustainable methods and practices and efficient protein production.

"Our focus is on the sustainable production of salmon that addresses the growing demand for marine protein without compromising the health of the planet, our salmon or consumers"


Chris Bonello is a long time supporter of eWater Systems and other sustainable initiatives and products, and we would like to congratulate him in his well deserved win.