Walmart responds to changing customer demands

Walmart, among other giants such as Target are changing their ways when it comes to chemical safety.

"These corporations are showing, with tangible and measurable actions, that their consumers demand safe and healthy products. Toxic-free consumer products, in other words, are good for business."

The worlds biggest retailer has made moves, beginning in 2013, to reduce the harmful chemical content of it's products, as well as the exposure of customers and staff to chemicals, which is a big deal considering they rely on over 700 global suppliers and have over 5,400 stores in the US alone.

By achieving a 96% reduction in its first chemicals policy, Walmart was ranked among the top 10 in Fortune Magazine’s 2017 list of companies that Change the World.

We at eWater Systems would like commend Walmart for their progress in this area. It is clear that change is on the wind, and that consumer demand alone is creating a safer world for us all.

Read the full story from the Environmental Defence Fund here.