US Food and Drug Administration bans antibacterial hand soap

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has effectively banned various chemicals (19 ingredients in total) in antibacterial hand soap, citing health concerns. 

Research has concluded that many of the banned key ingredients in common antibacterial hand soaps, such as ticolsan and triclocarban, can have damaging repercussions to the human immune system.

According to FDA director, Janet Woodcock, there is "no scientific evidence that anti-bacterial washes are better than plain soap and water".  

The Environmental Working Group cited that the bans were a progressive step, hailing that the "decision by the FDA is a huge victory on behalf of human health and the environment". 

eWater Systems is proud to have an alternative to antibacterial soaps in the form of a handwash unit that dispenses electrolysed water. These are currently located across Australia in sites such as Parliament House, VCCC, Royal Children's Hospital and Australian Unity Rathdowne - to name a few. 

Hopefully, for the those conscious and concerned of the toxicity of these ingredients, such progressive steps can be made in Australia in the near future. 

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