Turnbull government orders CSIRO to focus on climate change

Science Minister Greg Hunt has emphatically instructed the CSIRO to concentrate on reviving climate research.

The announcement comes months after the national research organisation rigorously reduced staff and climate research programs. 

In February 2016, when the CSIRO cuts were revealed, it was initially feared that the bulk of climate scientists, would lose most of its 140 staff. 

According to journalists, Nicole Hasham and Peter Hartcher, these cuts came to light despite CSIRO's own projections last year "showing Australia could be among the nations hardest hit by global warming at the end of this century"

Mr Hunt has since informed the media the he instructed CSIRO's executives and board to "put the focus back on climate science", stating "This is not an optional component, it's critical".

According to Fairfax Media, the new strategy includes 15 new climate science jobs and research investment worth $37 million over 10 years. 

These new jobs, and additional funding, has been implemented to "make climate science a core activity, that we will strengthen and build capacity" for climate analysis and forecasting. 

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