eWater at Sydney International Convention Centre

Excitement is mounted as the open date of the new Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) approaches.

The soon to be completed ICC has installed a fully reticulated eWater System with multi outlets throughout its main kitchen for use in surface and equipment cleaning, food preparation and hand washing.

The ICC food vision is to bring world class cuisine that “Feed both the body and the mind” through using meticulously selected fresh/local and seasonal produce.

Entirely in keeping with this ethos is the ICC decision to use electrolysed water, thereby reducing the reduce of packaged chemicals in their food preparation and food safety programs

Built and designed international property and infrastructure group, Lend Lease, an emphasis has been placed on environmental sustainability for the project, which is part of a $3.4 billion redevelopment of 20 hectares of land in Darling Harbour.

The eWater unit will ultimately reduce the overall carbon imprint and chemical footprint of the facility, delivering immediate benefits and is anticipated to have a 3-year payback.

The International Convention Centre in Sydney marks the fourth convention and exhibition centre across Australia that use eWater.