The appealing benefits of eWater

We’ve known for years that eWater Systems have been saving our clients money, and stopping packaged chemicals from polluting their produce, and our environment.

A new study conducted by RMIT University has further validated these facts. The benchmark analysis report compared eWater solutions to traditional packaged chemicals, and assessed the cost effectiveness of eWater systems against these packaged chemicals, in addition to identifying the potential environmental and social benefits of eWater solutions. 

Collecting data from existing eWater customers, the report not only evaluated the average running cost and the cost of savings compared to using traditional packaged chemicals, but also calculated the litres of packaged chemicals replaced by eWater, indicating not only a financial incentive to use eWater but a positively strong environmental impact.

After dilution, traditional packaged chemicals were found to cost over 10 cents per litre, while eWater solutions were found to cost just 0.022 cents per litre, an average saving of over $1.6 million per year for our clients and counting.

In response to these figures, we have published live counters on our website, so you can check in at any time how many litres of packaged chemicals eWater Systems have replaced with sustainable alternatives, and how many dollars we have saved our clients to date.

At the time of writing this post, eWater solutions have replaced approximately 61 millions litres of traditional packaged chemicals, saving our clients have an estimated $6 million.