Smoke and mirrors : Removing the mystery

Ingredient disclosure has often cast a mysterious and dubious aura over cleaning products.

As reviewed in earlier posts, impartial scientists and academic papers are revealing how harmful household chemicals can adversely affect our health, especially children whose bodies are still developing. 

Determined to alleviate this, the American federal government has enacted a labeling program to help shoppers locate items which contain fewer toxic chemicals. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program sets to eliminate excessively harsh and invasive household products. Once an item meets the EPA's standard it receives approval and subsequent labeling, similar to the Certified Organic labels in Australia. 

For a product to carry the Safe Choice logo, all of its ingredients mush pass the EPA's health criteria. It must also meet the criteria around ingredient disclosure and environmental requirements of packaging.  

The program has been received positively and to date, in America, their are over 2,500 products which contain the EPA Safe Choice logo.  

Australia should follow the EPA's example to ensure that ingredients are safer and to raise consumer awareness. 

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