Do you Give a Fork!?

Give a Fork! is a campaign orchestrated by the team at Sustainable Table. It is held during April and the goal is to encourage people to think about the environmental and ethical impact of the food we buy and consume.

Instead of trying to convert people into diehard activists, the team at Sustainable Table want to celebrate the smaller things through Give a Fork!  and get people to focus their attention on something that we enjoy immensely and is essential to our survival – food. In the words of Sustainable Table, it’s a“way of encouraging small changes amongst a large group of people, which will amount to a significant environmental benefit”.

According to the EPA, food is the biggest contributor to our ecological-footprint, at around 30%. Aside from the issues of waste and unethical produce, the Give a Fork! campaign wants people to alter their mindset to the bigger picture – from why we need to think about fair prices for produce to sustainable agricultural practices. And the issues they raise are thought provoking and enlightening.  

Sustainable Table also believes that chemicals are used too excessively and unnecessarily. At eWater Systems, we hold their belief that pesticides and cleaning agents are polluting the waterways and oceans, altering the nutrient load and contaminating the wildlife.   

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