eWater involved in 5-star aged care facility Mark Moran Vaucluse

Mark Moran Vaucluse, a retirement & aged care facility in eastern Sydney in is something of an anomaly. 

In this 5-star aged care facility every element of care at the facility is designed to promote a positive experience for its members and visitors alike.  

Set on 1.2ha of gardens fronting Old South Head Road, Mark Moran Vaucluse harbours qualified nursing staff available 24-hours, on-site medical suites, health instructors, counsellors and on-site medical suites. It also has a dedicated wellness spa offering massage and even a hen house and apiary with bees for honey production.[1] In addition to this, an experienced, skilled and progressive staff have been poached from high-end resorts such as Queensland’s six-star Hayman Island.

eWater will clean and sanitise throughout the main kitchen, and refillable spraybottles will effectively enable the team at Mark Moran to use eWater for cleaning and sanitizing in resident rooms, dining areas and public spaces in addition to equipment cleaning.  

The eWater unit ultimately reduces the overall carbon imprint and chemical footprint of the facility, delivering immediate benefits and is anticipated to have a 3-year payback.

Mark Moran is one of over sixty age cared sites across Australia that use eWater, and we’re happy that they are apart of the movement to Reduce the Chemical Footprint.





[1] http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/mark-moran-building-ultraluxury-aged-care-facilities/news-story/f5f33ea934419d42e1b09931b41ee5b9