Charlie and the chocolate factory | Hunted + Gathered

Charlie Nissen had a dream to create delicious, ethical chocolate. This dream materialized into Hunted + Gathered, which not only makes delectable handmade paleo chocolate with cacao beans imported from Ecuador and Dominican Republic, but also produces grass-fed beef jerky and organic droëwors.  

The factory in Melbourne’s Cremone is where the magic happens. The cacao beans are roasted then they are ground and melted down, slowly and seductively flowing around before setting. But, for Charlie, it wasn't just about producing fantastic chocolate. 

There is a strong emphasis on fair-trade and the wellbeing of the cacao growers, whilst also leaving a small ecological footprint on the environment. Nissen has declared that “[We] are dedicated to providing high quality, environmentally friendly goods for those who care about what goes into and onto their body”.  This philosophy extended to the cleaning of the kitchen, where an eWater Standalone unit is used to completely clean the equipment, utensils and surroundings. Discussing eWater and its place in Hunted + Gathered, Nissen explained,

"We were looking for a solution for cleaning and sanitising that was both effective and safe for the environment. eWater was the perfect fit for our needs and we’ve been really pleased with the result"