Support David Blackmore

Premium waygu beef produced David Blackmore faces a serious bureaucratic regulatory bundle, which could see the end of his highly respected and authentic produce. Located on Goulburn River, Blackmore’s agriculture is the premium choice for restaurateurs such as Neil Perry. Perry has championed an online petition to save the Blackmore farm, declaring, “This absolutely should be held up as the benchmark of how supplement feed animals in Australia should be treated because it’s ethical and sustainable”.

Blackmore has previously used feelots – a highly invasive farming practice where animals are fattened up prior to being slaughtered. After watching the Academy-Award nominated documentary Food Inc., Blackmore changed his farming measures by enabling his livestock to roam the paddock and rest on the grass.

There have been complaints by a handful of neighbours over the smell and hubbub of the farm. But, being in a farming zone, we believe that issues such as smell emanating from the property, or the noise, is just not a good enough issue to vilify an independent farmer who produces quality agriculture.

Common sense is occasionally omitted from bureaucratic bundles like this. We support farmers like David Blackmore who produce authentic and excellent agriculture. Similarly to the unfortunate event with Joost Bakker and the Melbourne City Council, we should be encouraging quality and sustainability not condemning it.

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