Salmonella prevention with eWater

A peer-review scientific study published in Poultry Science has highlighted the efficacy of electrolyzed water in preventing contaminated poultry bacteria such as salmonella.

According to the report, electrolyzed water “may provide poultry establishments with an inexpensive and easy alternative to CL treatments during processing to control growth of pathogenic bacteria.”

In addition to this the study concluded that findings “clearly illustrate that EO water [electrolyzed water] is an effective antimicrobial for reducing foodborne pathogens in water and on cutting boards”.

A separate report published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, ascertained that electrolyzed water “was very effective not only in reducing the populations of campylobacter jejuni on chicken, but also could prevent cross-contamination of processing environments”. Campylobacter jejuni is identified as the most common infectious bacterial cause of diarrhea associated with the consumption of contaminated meat, especially poultry products.

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