Neil Perry’s tasty buns

Neil Perry has opened a ninth Burger Project in the new 29-storey development 'V' by Crown Group, located the Sydney's Parramatta

At the new Burger Project, the sixth in NSW, you can enjoy a one of 14 burgers on the menu and a beer or glass of wine overseen by renowned viticulturist, Jeffrey Grosset.

The ingredients include free range Lilydale chicken and delicious 36 month grass-feed Cape Grim beef from Tasmania whilst all the shakes, sodas and ice teas are made in-house. 

Neil Perry's passion and enthusiasm for food, especially the importance he places on quality produce and sustainability is palpable in the projects he undertakes. 

We hold the passionate belief there should not be chemical exposure to the foods we eat and eWater's unique ability to kill bacteria on products without tainting the taste or affecting the integrity of the produce works in harmony with Neil's philosophy for food. 

Behind the stainless-steel counter, eWater cleaning and sanitising solutions will be used to eradicate bacteria on the vegetables in addition to the benches and cleaning equipment, and front of house dining tables.

This addition marks the eleventh collaboration between Rockpool Group (Urban Purveyor Group) and eWater Systems. We’re grateful for such a simpatico relationship and are excited to see Neil Perry’s empire develop using environmentally conscious and sustainable means.

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Watch eWater Systems in Neil Perry's Rosetta Ristorante