Extending the life of flowers with eWater

There’s nothing worse than buying a gorgeous bunch of cut flowers only to have them wilt after just a few days. The same goes for fresh produce and premium seafood. Extending the shelf life of products is a great way of reducing waste and saving money – and it can be achieved without the use of harmful chemical preservatives.

There have been many independent studies proving the ability of acidic electrolysed water (AEW) to dramatically extend the shelf life of fresh products. 

The video bellow shows the effectiveness of AEW at preserving cut flowers, using time-lapse photography over ten days. The vase on the left contains AEW, the vase on the right plain tap water. The tap water soon becomes cloudy, which indicates the presence of bacteria that attack the flowers’ stems and cause them to wilt. However, the AEW is so effective at killing these bacteria that it remains clear, thereby preserving the flowers for considerably longer (more than ten days, in this case).


Horticulturist, Herbert Hodgson of Freemasons Aged Care Canberra, discovered that eWater Systems' sanitiser gives more life to cut flowers.

“Being a qualified horticulturalist I took a real interest when it was suggested that the eWater Systems sanitiser could extend the vase life of cut flowers. I guess I was a bit sceptical at first but now I’m a total convert.
We have around 30 floral arrangements in the public spaces here at Freemasons in Holt and the flowers would always start wilting in 2-3 days. They certainly wouldn’t last beyond a week.
However, once we started using eWater Systems’ sanitiser, it extended the life of our flowers by up to10 days, sometimes more.

We’ve been using it for 12 months now and it definitely works. It’s standard practice here and the more people that know about eWater the better.”

Extending the shelf life of fresh products is a big part of the sustainable ethos behind eWater Systems. Not only does this save you money, it helps preserve precious commodities by reducing spoilage and waste, and it does so without the use of harmful chemicals. Better for the environment, better for everyone.