Ask Google

An eWater Standalone System has been steadily flowing at Google Australian Headquarters in Sydney, over a year after being commissioned. We caught up with Executive Chef, Adrian Schembri, to ascertain what his impressions of eWater were. It appears eWater is as happy to be there as Google are using it.

“Here at the Google Head Office in Sydney we’re really keen on our eWater System. We use eWater for cleaning and sanitising, fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. After service the solutions are used front-of-house to clean the tables, chairs and glass in the dining areas. 

Once you know how to operate the system and have procedures in place, its incredibly easy to use. Its very user friendly for the staff and does the job really effectively. We’ve embraced its possibilities and are pleased about reducing our chemical use.

In so many ways, we’re big supporters eWater because it embraces and fits in with our philosophy of innovative technology and sustainability. We also love the fact that it’s safe and hygienic"