Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has a strong emphasis on sustainability and progressive environmental practices. A reticulated eWater System plays an integral role within that philosophy. MCEC was the first centre in the world to be awarded a 6-Star Green Star environment rating by the Green Building Council of Australia for the Convention Centre’s innovative environmental design and operational features. In addition to this, MCEC also achieved the Gold EarthCheck Certification in 2016, following five years of continuous Silver accreditation, benchmarking their sustainability initiatives. 


eWater – The Future of Food Safety

In this video we take a brief look at what some of our clients, industry professionals and stakeholders have to say about eWater Systems and our water splitting technology.


Greenhouse by Joost Bakker

Designed by sustainability guru Joost Bakker for the 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Greenhouse applied a zero-waste philosophy using recycled and biodegradable materials. In addition to this, the site enforced a no toxic chemical environment and featured a fully reticulated eWater System. The restaurant was headed by Matt Stone who was awarded the Gourmet Traveller’s prestigious Best New Talent Award in 2011. Matt has been a vocal advocate of sustainable dining and has continued this philosophy at the restaurant at Oakridge Winery.


Professor Doug MacFarlane, Monash University

Professor Doug MacFarlane, ARC Laureate Fellow and Professor of Chemistry at Monash University, articulates his impressions of electrolysed water and eWater Systems. Professor MacFarlane was recently awarded an Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship to extend his work on Ionic Liquids into areas of biological application. He was elected to the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2007 and to the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering in 2009. He is currently Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Australian Journal of Chemistry.  


Electrolysed Water and Wound Healing

Nick Santamaria discusses the chemical mechanisms that make eWater Sanitisers so effective.



Neil Perry's passion and enthusiasm for food, especially the importance he places on quality produce and sustainability is palpable in the projects he undertakes. His Italian ristorante, Rosetta, is no exception. In 2016, Rosetta was awarded Two Hats in the prestigious Age Good Food Guide. An eWater System reticulated throughout the kitchen produces cleaning and sanitising solutions that are used to eradicate bacteria on the vegetables, in addition to the benches and cooking equipment. We hold the passionate belief there should not be chemical exposure to the foods we eat and eWater's unique ability to kill bacteria on products without tainting the taste or affecting the integrity of the produce works in harmony with Neil's philosophy for food. Rosetta is the fifth collaboration between the Rockpool Group establishments and eWater Systems. 


Lynden Aged Care

Lynden Aged Care is an 80 bed community-based residential aged care facility located in Camberwell. Ann Turnbull, CEO of Lynden, has emphasised the importance on protecting the residents from chemical exposure in addition to establishing an environment with a heavily reduced carbon imprint.  Lynden Aged Care currently has an eWater Standalone System installed in the facility.  


Foodservice Consultants Australia

Foodservice Consultants Australia (FCA) is a multi-disciplinary firm that provides superior foodservice consultancy specialising in the design of foodservice facilities and the development of commercial, and industrial, kitchens. FCA are proponents of eWater Systems and place strong emphasis on sustainable alternatives, in addition to ensuring maximum value concept, design, development and execution of various foodservice establishments.


Universal Foodservice Designs

Brian Lennox, Director of UFD, on why they choose and recommend the use of eWater Systems.


Cornelius Cheese

Cornelius Cheese is an online cheese store, specialising in providing the finest artisan cheese from Australia and the world. Owner Matt Steele stocks between 6-20 types of cheeses in his cheese cave in Brunswick, where once a month he curates a package with carefully selected cheeses then delivers the goods to those signed up for the Cornelius Cheese Club. Dedicated to wholly tasting and respecting cheese, Matt was vehement about retaining the entire integrity of the produce. It seemed natural that an eWater Standalone System be used, instead of abrasive chemicals, in and around the cheese cave. 


Hunted + Gathered

Hunted + Gathered, located in Melbourne’s Cremorne, makes handmade paleo chocolate from cacao beans imported from Ecuador and Dominican Republic, and also produces grass-fed beef jerky and organic droëwors.  There is a priority on fair-trade and the wellbeing of the cacao growers, whilst also leaving a small ecological footprint on the environment. Nissen has previously declared that “[We] are dedicated to providing high quality, environmentally friendly goods for those who care about what goes into and onto their body”. 


The Ludlow Formation


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